10 Reasons to Whiten Your Smile in Mesa AZ

Teeth whitening is a simple procedure that can be completed in the comfort of your own home and at your pace. If you’re looking for good reasons to consider bleaching your teeth, here are just a few:

#1 – You Want a Whiter Smile

The most obvious reason to bleach your teeth is that you want whiter looking teeth than you already have. 

#2 – You’re Trying to Save Money

Teeth whitening is fairly inexpensive compared to other cosmetic options. So if you’re on a tight budget but still want a smile makeover, bleaching is probably a great option for you. You could easily whiten your smile for less than the cost of one porcelain veneer.

#3 – You Want To Remove Stubborn Stains

Over time your teeth can become stained. A professional cleaning or whitening toothpaste may not even do the trick here. Luckily, whitening your teeth can help remove unsightly spots. 

#4 – You’re Getting a Crown on a Front Tooth

The shade of a dental crown can’t be changed, so if you need to have one of these restorations placed on a front tooth, then you may want to consider whitening your other teeth first.  When you whiten your teeth, we can match the shade of your new crown to your bleached teeth rather than having to match a permanent crown to darker, less appealing hue. 

#5 – To Help Quit Smoking

If you want to quit smoking, bleaching your teeth is a great way to help you stay away from tooth staining cigarettes.  Just think: if you have pretty white teeth, you won’t want to ruin them with nicotine stains. 

#6 – You Want to Boost Your Confidence

Feeling self-conscious about your smile’s appearance?  Want a quick confidence boost?  Just like getting your hair or nails done, whitening your teeth can give you the much-needed self-esteem of looking your very best.


#7 – You Have A Special Event Coming Up

Whether it’s a wedding, engagement photos, an important job interview, a class reunion, a public speaking appearance, or whatever you deem as a special event, whitening your teeth beforehand will help you make a great impression.  After bleaching, you can rest assured knowing that people won’t be staring at your dark or stained teeth but will be focused more on what matters – the real you.

#8 – You Don’t Want to Permanently Alter Your Teeth

Teeth whitening is a great option if you want to boost the appearance of your smile but don’t want to get something as permanent as bonding or porcelain veneers.

#9  – Promote Better Oral Hygiene

If you’re going to take the time and money to invest in a whiter smile, you’re also going to want to maintain the results.  Since you care about your appearance, you’ll be more likely to up your oral hygiene game.  You’ll see yourself becoming the perfect dental patient by brushing and flossing more regularly and thoroughly. 

#10 – You Want To Look Younger

A wrinkle-free face and a grey-less head of hair are often associated with youth. But yellow teeth can add years to your appearance too, so be sure to include teeth whitening in your anti-aging regimen to get the full effect you’re after.

Teeth Whitening Options in Mesa, Arizona

Now that we’ve discussed the reasons why you might want to whiten your smile, let’s talk about the different options that you have.  Basically, there are three different ways to bleach your teeth and they are:

  • Over-the-Counter Whitening

There are several inexpensive whitening treatments that are available over-the-counter.  Do some research online before deciding which product is right for you.  Some things to consider are the likelihood of having tooth sensitivity, the duration of the treatment, and how much stain you’re hoping to remove.

  • Custom Professional At-Home Bleaching

For a stronger, prescription-strength whitening formula, you’ll want to visit Eastport Dental.  We will provide you with a custom tray and bleaching solution that will give you definite results within just a week or two. Plus, you can touch up whenever you want, because your trays will last for years. 

  • In-Office Whitening

You may want to choose an in-office whitening treatment if you

  • Prefer the quickest outcome
  • Want to get the brightest results possible that whitening has to offer
  • Would rather have someone else complete the treatment for you rather than doing it yourself.

If you need help deciding if whitening is right for you and which option you should choose, we have your back. Dr. Vinh Huynh, DMD, and the expert team of Eastport Dental in Mesa, Arizona are here to assist you with all of your cosmetic dental needs.  Give us a call today.

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