6 Reasons to Get a Same-Day Crown

6 Reasons to Get a Same-Day Crown

When you have a weak tooth that needs protecting, our Mesa, AZ dentist may recommend that you get a crown.

A dental crown is a thin, yet strong tooth-like cover that fits over your tooth.

The Old Way

For decades, the process of getting a crown was a two-step procedure that started with the dentist contouring the shape of the tooth in order to make room for the restoration.  After that, an impression of your teeth would be taken which got sent to a dental laboratory where a technician would design and fabricate your custom crown.  In the meantime, you would wear a temporary crown over your tooth.  Once the completed permanent crown was delivered to the dentist’s office (in about 2-3 weeks) you would return for a second visit.  At this time, we would remove the temporary crown and cement the permanent one in place.

Modern Crown Treatments

With so many technological advances in dentistry occurring every day, performing a crown treatment as a two-step procedure is now a thing of the past.

People are taking advantage of same-day crowns and loving it! A same-day crown combines both the prep and seat appointments in one visit. Once our Mesa dentist has shaped your tooth, we take a series of scans of your teeth to create a digital 3-D replica of your mouth.  From there, our dentist will design your crown using state-of-the-art 3D software.  Finally, the milling machine will get to work and cut out your new tooth from a solid block of ceramic within minutes.


Here are some reasons to get a same-day crown vs. doing it the traditional way.

  1. Same-Day Crowns Save You Time and Money  – Combining two appointments into one will save you a lot of time, meaning your routine won’t be interrupted for long. And though the cost of a same-day crown is about the same as an ordinary one, you will save money because you won’t have to take off work and not get paid, and you won’t have to spend the gas money going back and forth to the dentist! Time is money!
  1. Same-Day Crowns Don’t Use Messy Impression Material – With digital technology at our disposal, there’s no need for yucky tasting, foul-smelling, gag-inducing impression material that takes upwards of 6 minutes to set in your mouth. Most patients appreciate the fact they don’t need to sit there with a large tray that tickles their throat
  1. They’re Strong –Being milled from a solid piece of ceramic makes a same-day crown stronger and more durable than other crown options.  Specifically, the ones that have a bottom layer of metal and a thin amount of porcelain on top.
  2. A More Personalized Touch – There’s no issue of a breakdown in communication between the expectations of the dentist and what the laboratory technician produces. Having the dentist, patient, designing software, and milling machine all in the same office gives our same-day crowns a more personalized touch.By eliminating the middleman, our Mesa dentist can design a crown to match the unique characteristics of your surrounding teeth. Size, shape and shade can all be customized. Matching natural teeth can be difficult, especially when you have to be exact because it’s a tooth that shows when you smile. Luckily, we can easily make tweaks to get a better match.
  1. No Additional Sedation Needed – Some people need to have sedation for both prep and seat appointments of a traditional crown.  The effects of being sedated stick with you for a while and inhibit your ability to do certain things (like driving) until it wears off. By combining two appointments in one, you don’t have to worry about bothering your loved ones to drive you to and from the dentist multiple times, or you feeling the drowsy effects of sedation longer than you need to.
  1. Avoids Complications of Temporary Crowns – Temporary crowns that needed to be worn for weeks were sometimes a big headache.  They would pop off, break, cause gum tissue irritation, or make your tooth sensitive to certain temperatures. Since having to wear a temporary is avoided by getting a same-day crown, you don’t have to worry about any of these bothersome issues.

Same-Day Crowns in Mesa, Arizona

When choosing a dentist in Mesa, AZ you should look for someone that is knowledgeable in and practicing current dentistry. You can find just that with Dr. Vinh Huynh, DMD of Eastport Dental. We do our best to ensure that we always use the latest and best dental innovations available. If you’re needing a dental crown or other procedure completed, then give us a call today to schedule a consultation!

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