7 Reasons to Get All-on-4 Implants in Mesa, AZ

When faced with the decision to replace an entire arch of missing teeth, you have several options. You can choose from a traditional denture, individual implants with crowns, a snap-on denture, or all-on-4-implants. Our Mesa, Arizona dentist believes that All-on-4 implants are the most reliable solution.

What Are All-on-4 Implants?

All-on-4 implants are a revolutionary way to replace all of your missing teeth by inserting just four implants throughout the arch. A prosthetic appliance like an extended bridge or thin, hybrid denture is attached to the implants.

The Benefits of All-on-4 Implants

The following benefits of All-on-4 implants are reasons why this tooth replacement option is best for you:

#1 The Teeth Are Custom-Designed:

When designing your new smile, we consider the size and shape of your natural teeth so that we can make an appliance that complements your appearance. The color of the prosthetic teeth is also something we consider. Our implant dentist will discuss this with you and help you decide if you would like to have a more natural-looking tooth shade or if you prefer to go with something brighter for a more dramatic change.



#2 The Denture Stays In Place Securely:

Traditional dentures rely heavily on your mouth’s ability to form a suction with the appliance, which is what keeps it in place. Securing a regular denture can be difficult if you have a shallow bone ridge.

A bottom denture is even harder to wear than upper plates because a lower bone ridge is usually very thin and shallow. Additionally, the movement from your tongue, lips, and cheek muscles prevents the appliance from staying in place securely.

Once your appliance is attached to the implants it stays put, meaning that you don’t have to worry about dealing with a loose set of teeth that make it difficult to talk and chew.

#3 Your Appliance Doesn’t Need To Be Removed At Night:

Traditional dentures should be removed every night before going to bed. It’s even recommended that you remove snap-on dentures at night ー which is a denture appliance that’s also held in place by implants.

With All-on-4 implants, it’s perfectly fine to keep the prosthesis in place. In fact, it’s not possible for you to remove the bridge yourself.

The appliance has attachments in it that coordinate with the location of your four implants. We place a connector through each opening and thread it into the inside of the implant. This holds the denture in place securely. We then fill in the openings to create a smooth surface inside your hybrid appliance.

Our Mesa dentist can detach the appliance by removing the filling material that’s over each opening and unscrewing the posts from each implant if ever needed.

#4 Less Bulky Than Other Tooth Replacements:

Since All-on-4 implants are tightly screwed in place, we can fabricate a slimmer design as opposed to having an appliance that takes up more surface space in your mouth. Since they don’t rely on suction to stay in place, the upper bridge can be made into a horseshoe shape that doesn’t cover the roof of your mouth like a regular denture.

#5 All-On-4 Implants Are Low Maintenance:

Since you don’t have to take them out after every meal or before going to bed at night, All-on-4 implants are very low maintenance and boost your self-confidence.

Snap-on dentures have rubber washers inside of them that snap onto the implants in your jaw. Even this implant tooth-replacement solution requires you to see a dentist every so often for maintenance and replacement of the washers since they wear out from time to time.

#6 Cost-Effective Tooth Replacement Solution:

While replacing missing teeth isn’t a low-cost treatment, All-on-4 implants give you the best return on investment in the sense that you get an entire arch of natural-looking teeth with just four implants that last for life.

#7 Maintain A Youthful Appearance:

Your natural teeth and jaw bone support your cheeks, lips, and keep your facial profile looking fuller. If you don’t replace missing teeth, your facial structure and soft tissues will begin to change. You’ll notice your cheeks and lips sinking in, increased facial wrinkles, and sagging skin.

Replacing your missing teeth with an All-on-4 implant system allows you to maintain a youthful appearance longer by giving your face the support that it needs.

All-on-4 Implants in Mesa, Arizona

If you’re interested in learning more about your full-arch tooth replacement options then call Eastport Dental of Mesa, Arizona. Our friendly and knowledgeable team looks forward to seeing you for a consultation and being a part of your new smile journey!

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