7 Signs You May Need Your Dentures Relined or Replaced

A tooth replacement appliance is intended to last for many years. If some kind of damage occurs, most dentures and partial are repairable, however, there is a time when our Mesa, Arizona dentist will recommend replacing your prosthetic with a new one.

When To Repair A Full or Partial Denture

The following are some instances in which you can typically have your plate repaired, rather than invest in an entirely new one:

  1. Cracked Dentures. Dropping your denture can cause it to crack. Depending on the severity of the crack, you may be able to get the plate repaired. Our dentist may suggest having a metal mesh or metal bar placed within the acrylic to reinforce the appliance and hold it together more securely.
  2. Adding Teeth To Partial Dentures. If you have a partial denture and need to have a natural tooth removed, then we can usually add a tooth to your partial rather than making an entirely new one. We’ll ensure that the new tooth looks like it was there from day one, by selecting a tooth that matches the mold of the others and using the same shade of teeth and acrylic.
  3. Replacing A Clasp on A Partial Denture. Some partials have metal clasps that hook onto your natural teeth. It’s not uncommon for these thin pieces to break every once in a while ー especially if you’re removing your partial multiple times a day ー which you should be doing, to clean it after you eat, and before going to bed.
  4. Loose Dentures. After having teeth removed, the bone and gum tissue shrink in that space.  This process is gradual but eventually you’ll notice that your appliance doesn’t fit as snug as it once did.  When this occurs, we can typically reline the inside of your plate with new acrylic and remold it to the specific shape of your gums ー giving you the secure fit of a brand new denture, once more.


Signs That You Need A New Prosthetic Appliance

The following are a few situations in which you may be better off having an entirely new partial or full denture made:

  1. Broken Dentures. If your plate completely breaks into two or more pieces then it probably won’t be possible to be put back together properly.

Even if we can piece the puzzle back together, the repair usually doesn’t hold up for very long regardless of having a metal mesh or bar put in. So, if your denture breaks, our Mesa dentist will likely recommend that you have an entirely new one made.

  1. Teeth Are Worn Down. The teeth that are used on a partial or denture are made from acrylic resin materials, meaning that they aren’t as strong as your natural teeth, or dental restorations like crowns. Over the years of use, the teeth will wear down which will affect the way your appliance looks and how it functions. In this case, it’s usually best to replace your appliance altogether.
  2. The Cost of Repair Would Be Too Big of an Investment. When there are multiple issues with your partial, like needing to have several teeth and clasps added or replaced ー or when your full denture has crack lines, worn teeth, and feels loose to you ー you should consider the cost of repair versus the investment needed for an entirely new appliance.

Our Mesa dentist will usually recommend a new appliance that will function for several more years, as opposed to pouring more money into ongoing, frequent repairs on an outdated appliance.

Will Your Dental Insurance Pay For A New Denture?

Most dental insurance plans have a clause that states that they will pay for a new denture every five to seven years.  Every policy is different. If your plate is older than that, you’ll likely qualify to get a new denture under your insurance plan. We can assist you with looking into your dental coverage to determine whether or not you’re eligible for a new appliance.

Denture Dentist In Mesa, Arizona

If you have a prosthetic dental appliance that you’re having issues with and you’d like to know if you can get it repaired, or would be better off with an entirely new one, then visit Eastport Dental in Mesa.  We’ll gladly take a look at your plate and determine the best course of action for your particular situation. Give us a call today, we look forward to seeing you!

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