Are You a Candidate for Snap-on Dentures?

If you don’t qualify for traditional dental implant treatment or you want a more secure alternative to conventional “plates”, a snap-on denture is an excellent choice. Eastport Dental offers custom designed snap-on dentures that improve the way your smile looks to provide both the comfort and security you need from a full-arch prosthesis.

Before you settle on the best tooth replacement treatment, here’s what you need to know about qualifying for a snap-on denture: 

What is a Snap-on Denture?

A snap-on denture looks almost identical to a traditional denture. The only difference is that instead of creating a seal with your gum tissues for stability, it snaps directly onto a few dental implants. Depending on the situation, between 2-4 implants are required.

On the underside of your denture, you’ll see a set of “locators”, which are the “snap” feature that attaches to a corresponding dental implant. They’re designed to snap on and off the supporting implant so that they can be removed for everyday care and maintenance. The only thing that makes them different than a conventional denture is this added stability feature.

Snap-on dentures are sometimes referred to as “overdentures” because of how they rest over dental implants. 


Existing Denture Wearers

Popular candidates for snap-on dentures often include existing denture wearers. It may be that you have trouble getting a comfortable or secure fit from your appliance. When a denture is too loose or moves around excessively, it can lead to uncomfortable sore spots, infection, and accelerated bone loss. Loose dentures also make it difficult to eat and speak clearly.

Although current dentures can sometimes be relined, older or ill-fitting dentures may need to be replaced altogether. If you’re looking for an upgrade, an implant-stabilized option may be exactly what you want.

Although less common, it’s occasionally possible to take newer existing dentures and retrofit them. In this case you’re transforming a conventional denture into an implant stabilized prosthesis. However, this scenario is typically only available on a case-by-case basis.

Someone with Bone Loss

Bone loss is a common side effect of tooth loss. In time, your one ridge can become quite narrow, making it even more challenging for a traditional denture to seal against your gums. Without healthy bone height, your denture is more likely to shift around or rock throughout the day. Instead of relying on a messy adhesive, you have the ability to have it clip directly onto non-mobile dental implants.

You may be thinking, “How can I get dental implants if I have bone loss?” In this instance, it’s because an implant supported denture can have the implants installed at more strategic locations. You’re not necessarily restricted to placing them in a certain location. So, if you have bone loss, our Mesa dentist can maximize the density that remains and place implants in those areas of your mouth.

You Plan on Having Your Remaining Teeth Removed

You may be planning to have several dental extractions because of extensive disease, decay, or other oral health concerns. If you know you’re already going to need your remaining teeth removed, a snap-on denture may be in your top 2-3 options for replacing them. The average treatment time for a snap-on denture tends to have a shorter turnaround than more complex implant cases. It’s also easier to adjust to than a conventional removable denture. In some cases, Dr. Huynh may be able to have your denture designed prior to the teeth being removed. 

You Don’t Qualify for a Permanent Prosthesis

Perhaps you’ve had your eyes set on a permanent prosthesis such as All-on-4 implant dentures. The requirement for such treatments can be quite strict. When you’re not a candidate for a hybrid appliance, snap-on dentures provide you with a next best alternative.

You Want to Blend Stability with Affordability

A snap-on denture requires fewer dental implants in some cases. Plus, the restoration that affixes to them is typically more budget savvy. What you have is a recipe for affordability, security, and flexibility when it comes to treatment outcomes and costs involved.

Snap-on Dentures in Mesa

Dr. Vinh Huynh provides a variety of dental implant and denture options to choose from. At Eastport Dental in Mesa, you’ll find the solutions you need to enhance your oral health and wellness. A new set of snap-on dentures will make it easier to speak and eat on a daily basis.

Find out if stabilized overdentures or snap-on denture options are right for you. Call Eastport Dental today to make an appointment.

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