Back to School Dental Checklist for Families in Mesa, AZ

Getting back to school is a time that all children and parents eagerly look forward to. It’s that exciting time when they kids new friends, shop for supplies, and set new goals.

With so much to look forward to, no parent would want their child to miss classes for something as simple as a toothache. Nor would they want them to feel embarrassed because their teeth are uneven, crooked, or chipped.

In addition to your children’s new shoes, backpack, clothes, and pencil case, remember to add dental checkups to your family’s back-to-school checklist.

Checkups are a simple and practical step that you can take to prevent painful tooth decay. Cavities are the most common childhood disease. The key is that tooth decay can easily be prevented with the right routine and home care. That way your child doesn’t just feel more confident, they also won’t miss unnecessary time off from school.


Pediatric Six Month Dental Checkups

Pain-causing dental issues are uncomfortable, embarrassing, and can even be life threatening at times. Leaving dental infections untreated may even make it difficult for your child to study, eat and speak.

We recommend regular dental checkups every six months for children of all ages. Dr. Huynh, our Mesa family dentist, is experienced in pinpointing signs of dental issues in children and correcting them before they have a chance to become severe. This proactive approach saves time, money, and your child’s smile.

Thanks to our welcoming and child-friendly environment, your entire family can get the care they need under one roof.

Diagnostic Digital X-rays to Screen for Cavities

When you bring your child in for a routine checkup, our Mesa, AZ dentist will use advanced technology to thoroughly examine their oral development. We include diagnostic digital X-rays to screen for cavities or eruption concerns that may be invisible to the naked eye.

We understand that you might have concerns about exposing your child to X-rays. To ensure their safety, we strictly adhere to the guidelines of AAPD (Alliance for Radiation Safety in Pediatric Imaging). Today’s technology uses as much as 90% less radiation as X-rays for years past!

Orthodontic Screenings for Ages 7 and Up

Orthodontic screenings are recommended for all children by age 7. That’s because at this age they have at least some permanent teeth and we can see how their overall bite is developing.

Dr. Huynh will look for signs of atypical development, impacted or misaligned teeth, swallowing patterns and more. Through early intervention your child can enjoy healthier teeth, better speech patterns, and even a boost in confidence.

If any problems are noted, we can refer your child to a nearby orthodontist. The specialist will address existing problems before they evolve into more complex complications. Through regular orthodontic assessments at your child’s six month checkups, we can ensure your child’s oral development stays on track.

Treating Dental Needs Before School Begins 

We recommend that you schedule your child’s checkup before the school year begins and your family gets busy with other routines. This also allows you to have plenty of time to get everything done so that your child feels like themselves again before school starts. As a parent, it also gives you peace of mind that your child will be free of pain when they head back to school.

Timing checkups with your back-to-school routine helps your family know which oral hygiene habits or areas of their smile they need to work on more. And if you need treatment before the holidays, appointments will still be available. 

Sports Mouthguards for Athletes

If your child plans to participate in athletics, make sure you invest in quality mouthguard. Sports-related injuries knock out and break teeth more frequently than you might guess. The upper front teeth are most susceptible.

We custom create mouth guards especially for your child’s mouth to provide the highest level of protect. Professional sports mouthguards also reduce the risk of concussion.

Dental Sealants on Permanent Molars

Our Mesa family dental practice works hard to help your child learn how to care for their smile.  But it’s not always easy for them to brush every nook and cranny of their little mouths, especially the back teeth.

To get a step ahead of tooth decay, we recommend sealing the permanent molars with a protective coating that makes them easier to clean. Sealants are safe and significantly reduce the chances of developing tooth decay.

Limited Appointments Available 

With the schools now reopening and people getting back to their usual routines, we have limited appointments available. Contact Eastport Dental today to reserve your child’s next checkup before class starts back.

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