Dental Technology


5 Reasons You Need a Dental Crown

Dental crowns — or “caps” as some people call them — are protective restorations that fit over your tooth. They add a new layer of reinforcement over your damaged or compromised tooth structure. Unlike fillings that go inside your teeth, crowns protect them from the outside. If you’re getting a dental crown for the first

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Four Advantages Of Getting A Same Day Crown

Dental crowns are important restorations that act as protective covers for your teeth. Some people call them “caps”, because of how the crown fits over the entire tooth, creating an extra layer on top and around the visible surfaces. Crowns are recommended for situations like: Severely broken-down or worn teeth Restoring large areas of tooth

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Sports Mouthguards and Why You Need One

Are you or your child involved in sports? Even if you’re not playing hockey or football, your extracurricular activity or athletic hobby could be one that’s at a high risk of dental and orofacial injuries. Like cycling, gymnastics, soccer, softball, or basketball. If you think of your sport as something that’s independent — without the

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Types of Partial Dentures in Mesa, AZ

If you’re missing teeth and you need to replace them on a tight budget, getting a partial denture from our Mesa dentist is a great solution. There are different types of partial dentures to choose from including the following: Flipper Partials A flipper is a small partial that usually replaces one or two teeth and

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Snap-on Denture vs. All-on-Four Denture

In order to stay in place, traditional dentures rely on a good suction provided by your gums and jaw bone ridge.  If you lack the depth that’s needed for a secure fit, you’ll experience a loose denture that can be very bothersome. Getting an implant retained denture in Mesa, Arizona is a great way for

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