Oral Health


Snap-on Denture vs. All-on-Four Denture

In order to stay in place, traditional dentures rely on a good suction provided by your gums and jaw bone ridge.  If you lack the depth that’s needed for a secure fit, you’ll experience a loose denture that can be very bothersome. Getting an implant retained denture in Mesa, Arizona is a great way for

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Dental Bonding: Advantages and Disadvantages

There’s no doubt that getting a full set of porcelain veneers from our Mesa, Arizona dentist is the ultimate smile makeover. However, not everyone finds this investment is one that fits into their budget or timeline.  Fortunately, for those who need a quicker or cheaper alternative, dental bonding can be done to give you quicker

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Root Canal Treatment In Mesa, AZ

When the nerve inside a tooth becomes inflamed or infected (which is often caused by deep decay, or a fracture) you’ll need a root canal to remove the bad tissue and save your tooth. For some Mesa, Arizona residents, being told that they need a root canal can be a scary thing. Some folks are

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