Common Full Mouth Reconstruction Options

Though it’s a rarity, at times a person may require complete mouth rehabilitation or reconstruction. In addition to restoring function, this process involves adjusting the size, placement, and color of your teeth to make them look exactly the way you want them to.

Reconstruction is necessary if you’ve lost teeth because of decay or injuries, have developmental dental defects, or aging dental work. All these factors impact the way you eat and digest food. Not to mention the lack of self-esteem when it comes to smiling and enjoying other people’s company.

Full mouth reconstruction achieves functional, aesthetic, and health goals, while providing a permanent solution to all your dental concerns.

This process involves a combination of customized dental treatments tailored to the individual. Some of which might include:

Ceramic Dental Crowns

Ceramic dental crowns are permanent and natural-looking “caps”. They protect broken teeth and improve their appearance by providing a whiter and healthier covering around damaged teeth.

To save additional time and prevent multiple visits to the dentist’s office, you can opt for a CEREC same-day crown at our Mesa, AZ office. Through this technology, we provide our patients with a superior crown design that’s fitted in a single sitting.


Getting a same-day crown with Dr. Huhyn is essentially a painless procedure. Instead of messy impressions that tickle your throat, we take digital scans. These “virtual impressions” combined with 3D modeling create the perfect crown for your smile. This process takes just a little over an hour to complete.

Porcelain Dental Bridges

A dental bridge does just that—it  bridges the gap created by one or multiple missing teeth. Our dentist will prep and fit you with a natural-looking bridge to refresh your smile’s appearance and function.

After an initial assessment, we will prep your teeth for the bridge, then take a series of scans. We send your records to our lab, where the custom restoration is designed by hand. About two weeks later, you’ll return for the temporary to be removed and the permanent bridge bonded into place.

Dental Implants

Do you have missing teeth? Are you tired of cumbersome dentures? Regain the function and restore your smile with the help of durable dental implants. Depending on whether you have single or multiple missing teeth, we will suggest the best dental implant solution for your situation.

If you need full mouth restoration to replace all of your teeth, consider All-on-4 implants. This method uses strategically placed implants to support a full-arch customized hybrid appliance. It’s comfortable, attractive, and extremely functional. Best yet, it eliminates the need to wear a denture. All-on-4 is more cost effective per tooth than installing an implant at each missing tooth location.

White Fillings

At Eastport Dental we love to see you smile. Why feel self-conscious from old silver fillings? We offer mercury-free, minimally-invasive white dental fillings that are durable and blend in with your smile.

Gum Disease Therapy

Gum disease affects more than just your mouth. It’s more serious than you think. The infections can spread into your bloodstream and complicate underlying medical concerns, such as heart disease, pneumonia, diabetes, and infertility.

We often see patients suffering from sore gums, loose teeth, and persistent bad breath. These are the symptoms of serious periodontal disease.  It’s important to address such problems in the early stages of infection. That’s why we do everything possible to conduct early screenings, intervention, and provide patient education to help you get your smile’s oral health back on track. If your teeth can be preserved, we’ll work with you to develop a gum care plan that addresses periodontal disease at its source.

Custom Treatment Planning

All our dental services are perfectly individualized to the patient. Together, we co-create your care plan according to your preferences and needs.

We never want financial constraints to interfere with your dental care. Our treatment coordinators will do their best to minimize your out-of-pocket expenses wherever possible, by closely communicating with your insurance carrier. If you don’t have insurance coverage, ask about our financing options. Some payment plan options include monthly interest-free financing for up to 18 months! We also accept CareCredit, Greensky, and Lending Club financing. The last thing we’ll do is catch you off guard with a “surprise” fee you didn’t expect. Your treatment plan outlines everything you need to know.

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