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Common Myths About Root Canals: Busting Misconceptions

When it comes to dental procedures, root canals often find themselves at the center of various myths and misconceptions. Root canals are one of the most commonly misunderstood dental treatments, causing unnecessary anxiety for many patients. As a leading provider of dental care in Mesa, Dr. Huynh is here to set the record straight on the common myths surrounding root canal therapy.

Why You Need to Know

Understanding the truth about root canals/endodontic treatment is essential in dispelling the myths and fears associated with this important dental procedure. With Dr. Huynh’s experience and our modern dental techniques, you can rest assured that your root canal experience will be comfortable, efficient, and successful.

Myth #1: Root Canals are Painful

One of the most enduring myths about root canals is that they are excruciatingly painful procedures. Thankfully, modern advancements in dental technology and anesthesia have significantly improved the root canal experience. Dr. Huynh and his team utilize state-of-the-art equipment and effective numbing agents to ensure patients’ comfort throughout the process.

In reality, root canals are performed to alleviate the intense pain caused by infected or damaged tooth pulp. By cleaning and disinfecting the tooth’s infected nerve chamber, a root canal actually relieves pain and saves the natural tooth from extraction.

Myth #2: Tooth Extraction is a Better Alternative

Some people believe that having a tooth extracted is a simpler and more convenient solution than endodontic treatment. However, extractions should only be considered as a last resort when there’s no viable option for saving a tooth. Keeping your natural tooth is almost always the best choice, as it maintains the alignment of surrounding teeth and helps preserve bone density. Root canals are a successful and safe method to save a damaged tooth and restore its functionality, allowing patients to continue enjoying their natural smile.

root canal mesa az therapy

Myth #3: Root Canals Lead to Illnesses

A widespread misconception that has been debunked time and again is the belief that root canals can lead to various illnesses or chronic sickness. This myth originates from poorly conducted research that is far outdated, and there is no scientific or clinical evidence to support this claim. Like dental fillings or crowns, root canals are a standard dental procedure that aims to remove infected tissue and prevent the spread of bacteria to other parts of the mouth and body. Dr. Huynh follows strict guidelines to ensure the safety and success of every root canal procedure performed in our Mesa, AZ dental practice.

Myth #4: Root Canals Require Multiple Appointments

Another myth surrounding root canals is the idea that the procedure is time-consuming and requires multiple appointments. While this might have been the case in the past, advancements in dental techniques and technology have made root canal treatments much more efficient. In most instances, Dr. Huynh can complete a root canal in just one or two appointments, depending on the complexity of your needs. Our dental practice values your time and strives to provide the most effective and timely care for our patients.

Myth #5: Root Canals Cause Sensitivity in Treated Teeth

It’s a common misconception that root canals cause chronic pain or sensitivity in the treated tooth. In reality, any temporary sensitivity experienced after a root canal is temporary—and usually from adjacent tissues, like where an injection was made—and  can be managed with over-the-counter pain relievers. The discomfort usually subsides within a few days as the tooth heals. Root canals are intended to relieve the pain caused by infection, so in the long term, patients experience less sensitivity and discomfort compared to their pre-treatment condition. Since there is no longer a viable nerve in your tooth, it is incapable of feeling in sensations of pain or sensitivity.

Myth #6: Root Canals are Only for Severely Damaged Teeth

Some individuals mistakenly believe that root canals are reserved for severely damaged teeth and cannot be used for less visibly severe cases. However, root canals are also performed when the tooth’s pulp is infected due to deep cracks, unseen decay, or physical trauma to the tooth. Even if the damage seems minor, an infected pulp can lead to significant pain and complications if left untreated. Dr. Huynh carefully evaluates each patient’s dental condition and recommends a root canal when appropriate, aiming to preserve the natural tooth whenever possible.

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