Dental Crowns FAQ

Does it Hurt to Get a Dental Crown?

The process of getting a dental crown is rarely uncomfortable. Especially compared to the original problems of painful cavities or cracked teeth that it’s designed to correct.

At our Mesa, AZ office, we highly value your comfort and strive to make the process of placing your dental crown quick and convenient. While working on your damaged tooth, Dr. Huynh will always apply a numbing agent. This prevents you from feeling anything other than a little pressure while your tooth is being repaired.

In case you feel a little nervous, you can also request sedation. We offer gentle, safe, effective sedatives that have helped thousands of patients overcome their anxiety. To ensure sedation is right for you, we’ll want to assess your medical history and review any medications that you’re currently taking.

Will Flossing Pull My Crown Off My Tooth?

No, your dental crown is cemented firmly on top of your tooth and is a permanent restoration. Without flossing, the bacteria and acids from the foods can accumulate around the edges of your crown, right next to the gums. This puts you at a risk for not just crown failure, but also gum disease. Flossing is essential.

Can I Get a Dental Crown in One Appointment?


Getting a crown was traditionally a timely process. You had to visit a dentist multiple times, sit through messy impressions, and wait for a couple of weeks before your permanent crown was ready. The time involved wasn’t ideal, especially if your tooth is visible when you’re smiling.

At Eastport Dental, we understand the value of your time. Now you don’t have to fit multiple dental visits into your busy schedule. We are among some of the few dental offices in the Mesa area to use innovative CEREC same-day crown technology.

In just one appointment, Dr. Huynh will prepare your tooth and take a digital impression of your bite. It’s an extremely comfortable process and you won’t have to worry about gooey impressions. We then use 3D treatment planning technology and our state-of-the-art milling machine to create your custom crown on the same day. Once it’s ready, we bond it directly into place.

How Long Do Dental Crowns Last?

Dental crowns are installed as a semi-permanent restorative solution. They are built to withstand the effects of normal function just like your original tooth would. They last for years when they are cared for properly. Good oral hygiene is essential. To protect your restoration, consider investing in a protective nightguard to wear while you sleep. And always schedule regular checkups.

Do I Need a Dental Crown?

There are a variety of reasons why we recommend a crown:

  • If you have a severely discolored tooth and want to enhance its appearance (but don’t qualify for veneers)
  • After a root canal, to strengthen the weakened tooth.
  • If your tooth is hypersensitive or starting to wear down
  • On top of individual dental implants, to create the “tooth” on top of them.
  • In case of a severe decay, when the tooth is too damaged and cannot be restored with a filling.

Are Dental Crowns Stronger Than Teeth?

Dental crowns have superior strength that makes them extremely durable. However, they need to be fitted properly so that they don’t press too “high” against the opposing teeth. A proper bite adjustment is necessary to make sure your restoration aligns with the neighboring teeth.

Dental crowns are expected to last for several years. But they are not indestructible and can still be damaged. To help them last as long as possible, be sure to eat a balanced diet, floss daily, and schedule six-month checkups. Habits like clenching or grinding can be damaging to your crown, so a nightguard is recommended.

How Much Does a Dental Crown Cost?

The price of the crown depends on several factors. The first is the material that you choose. Porcelain crowns or zirconia are more  expensive than a temporary option. If the crown is made out of gold, the price will depend on current market costs.

And finally, costs are affected by your insurance coverage. On average, most plans cover around half of your crown fee. To help you minimize your out-of-pocket expenses, our staff will coordinate with your insurance carrier. Payment plans are also available.

Dental Crowns in Mesa, AZ

It’s never too late to get the healthy, beautiful smile you deserve. Schedule your visit with our Mesa dentist today. We’ll work with you to plan an attractive, natural looking crown that compliments your oral health in both function and appearance.

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