Enhance Your Smile With Porcelain Veneers at Eastport Dental

Do you feel like you try to hide your teeth whenever you smile, laugh, pose for photos, or even talk to other people? Do you wish you could change the way your teeth look? What if you could drastically enhance your teeth by making them look whiter, straighter, and properly shaped in just a couple of visits? If so, porcelain veneers could be the perfect solution. At Eastport Dental in Mesa, AZ, Dr. Huynh can help you achieve the smile of your dreams through the transformative power of custom porcelain veneers.

We understand that every patient is unique, which is why we take pride in crafting personalized treatment plans that align with your specific goals, budget, and preferences. We believe that everyone deserves to feel confident and proud of their smile. Let us help you take the first step toward a more radiant and captivating smile.

Dental Veneers Explained

Dental veneers are thin, custom-crafted aesthetic restorations that cover the front of your teeth. Each one is made from high-quality porcelain and shaped to your preferences. They are a versatile cosmetic dentistry solution used to address a wide range of aesthetic concerns, such as chipped, stained, misaligned, or worn-down enamel. Once we bond them over your visible teeth, porcelain veneers blend seamlessly with your natural smile, creating beautiful teeth that you can be proud of.

Benefits of Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers offer an array of benefits that make them a popular choice for any smile makeover in Mesa. One of the most significant advantages is their ability to reflect a lifelike appearance similar to healthy tooth enamel. We use this semi-translucent material to cover and improve the appearance of surface issues like stains or misshaped teeth. Porcelain veneers can address these concerns effectively and within just a couple of appointments.

Another remarkable benefit of porcelain veneers is their stain-resistant design. Unlike tooth enamel, which can absorb stains from coffee, tea, or certain foods, porcelain veneers are much more resistant to discoloration. This means that you can enjoy your favorite foods and beverages without worrying about your “teeth turning yellow” or darkening over time. Yes, surface stains can build up, but we can easily polish those away during your routine checkups.

Best of all, the application of porcelain veneers is a minimally invasive procedure. Dr. Huynh will only need to buff away a small amount of enamel from the front surface of your teeth to ensure a proper fit. This step keeps your veneers from looking bulky when you smile.


How Long Does It Take to Get Veneers?

One of the common questions our Mesa cosmetic dentistry patients have about porcelain veneers is how long the entire process takes. The good news is that getting veneers is a relatively straightforward procedure, usually requiring only 2-3 visits altogether.

During your initial consultation, Dr. Huynh will thoroughly examine your teeth, discuss your smile goals, and determine if porcelain veneers are the right option for you. If so, the next step involves preparing your teeth for veneers and possibly designing a “mock-up” for you to preview if the planned changes are significant.

Once your teeth are prepped, we will take impressions and send them to our dental laboratory, where skilled technicians will craft your custom porcelain veneers according to our specifications. The fabrication process typically takes around 1-2 weeks, during which you will wear temporary veneers to protect your teeth from any sensitivity.

Once your permanent veneers are ready to try in, you’ll return to our Mesa dental office, where Dr. Huynh will carefully bond them to your teeth using a strong dental adhesive. He will make any necessary adjustments to ensure a perfect fit, and you’ll be able to leave our office with a stunning new smile.

Dental Veneers Are a Long-Term Solution

Investing in porcelain veneers is great when you want a long-term solution, fast results, and first-hand experience when it comes to designing your new smile. With proper care and maintenance, porcelain veneers can last for many years, making them a durable and reliable solution for your smile goals.

To maximize the lifespan of your veneers, be sure you practice regular brushing, flossing, and plan for dental check-ups at least twice a year. Additionally, avoid using your teeth to open packages, bite your nails, etc., as this could lead to broken porcelain or wear. If you’re active in any type of sports or other physical activity, consider wearing a mouthguard to protect your veneers from potential bumps and bruises along the way.

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The smile you’ve always wanted is closer than you thought. Plus, we offer flexible payment options to help you fit your smile makeover into your budget. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Huynh at Eastport Dental in Mesa, AZ, today to find out how we can help you achieve the beautiful, confident smile you deserve.

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