Everything You Need To Know About All on 4 Dentures

When it comes to replacing a full set of missing teeth, many people will choose to go with a traditional denture that sits on the gum tissue and relies on suction to stay in place. Unfortunately, not all of our Mesa, Arizona patients are a good candidate for this treatment.

Many times denture wearers lack the amount of bone ridge (under their gums) needed to properly support a denture. As a result, their appliances are loose, cause soreness in their mouths, and even slip around when they speak or eat.

All-On-Four Denture: The Alternative To Traditional Dentures

Luckily there is a great alternative to traditional dentures that eliminates this bump in the road.

An all-on-four denture is an appliance that replaces all of your teeth and is held in place with four implants. This system is a great solution for those folks who can’t wear a traditional denture.

This procedure involves having four individual implants inserted into the jaw bone, which are spread throughout the arch and strategically placed. The role of the implants is to help support the denture. Attached to the implants are posts that extend just out of the gum. The denture has holes in it that line up with these posts. When the denture is setin place, we place a screw onto the end of the posts which permanently attaches the appliance.

Who Should Consider An All-On-Four Implant Denture?

If you fall into the following categories then you may want to consider speaking with our Mesa dentist about an all-on-four denture:

You Have A Strong Gag Reflex – Traditional upper dentures that cover the entire roof of your mouth, or lower ones that go too far back, can trigger your sensitive gag reflex. If this has been a problem for you in the past, or if you’re planning on getting a denture and expect that this could occur, then you should consider getting an all-on-four denture.

Since these special appliances have great retention thanks to the implants, they don’t rely on suction to stay in place. Meaning, we can cut out the area that covers the roof of your mouth making it look like a horseshoe. We can also make dentures shorter (not so far back in your mouth), and less bulky.


Your Speech Is Impaired By Your Current Denture – The same causes of gagging can impair your speech, producing a lisp and/or making it difficult for you to pronounce certain words. The solution for this issue is the same as with gagging: make a less bulky denture.

You Have A Shallow Palate Or Lower Bone Ridge – When you have a shallow palate and a lower bone ridge, keeping traditional dentures in place is a never-ending battle. A massive amount of denture adhesive may be needed to get a good enough suction. Overusing these types of products isn’t good for you.

It’s common for a person who has been wearing a denture for several years to gradually experience a loss of retention. This is because when you have teeth pulled, your jaw bone begins to resorb (shrink) and can continue to do so over the course of time, affecting the fit of your denture. Since all-on-four implant dentures are held in place with hardware, they’re a great solution for people who have a shallow ridge.

You Want A Fixed Tooth Replacement Solution – In addition to the other benefits, all-on-four dentures are a great solution for people who want a fixed tooth replacement option. With an all-on-four denture, you can enjoy a low-maintenance smile that doesn’t require adhesive, won’t fall out when you least expect it, and doesn’t need to be removed and cleaned constantly. You’ll be able to enjoy life and live with confidence, taking your smile with you wherever you go.

Where To Get All-On-Four Denture in Mesa, Arizona?

If you’re currently missing, or are soon to be missing all of your teeth, then you owe it to yourself to consider all-on-four dentures from our Mesa, Arizona dentist at Eastport Dental.

When you visit our office for a consultation we’ll take the necessary x-rays to determine if this procedure is a viable solution for you.

When it comes to this state-of-the-art procedure you should ensure that you’re in the hands of a professional team that is well educated and experienced. Call Dr. Vinh Huynh, DMD today to talk about what we can do for your oral health. We’re here to answer all of your questions and guide you every step of the way.

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