Everything You Need To Know About Same Day Crowns in Mesa

Avoiding your dental appointment because of the time commitment required? CEREC crowns take a typical two-visit process and streamline it into one.

What is a Same Day Dental Crown?

A typical dental crown (aka “cap”) usually requires two appointments to prep, create, and place the lab-designed restoration. Your models are sent to a lab where a ceramist crafts the crown by hand, then ships it back for delivery.

With a same day crown, we’re able to craft your permanent restoration on the same day as your preparation appointment. Everything is designed and delivered in one visit. And while the crown is being made you can either relax, read a book, or catch up on any other dental treatment you might need.

CEREC Crowns in Mesa 

Same day crowns are only made possible because of advanced 3D CAD/CAM imaging and our onsite CEREC machine. CEREC allows us to capture a virtual 3D scan of your mouth — no gooey impressions here — and input it into a milling machine. We’re able to select the exact shape and fit of the crown as it relates to your neighboring teeth, practically removing any chances of human error during the crown manufacturing process.

All CEREC crowns are also carved out of a solid block of ceramic. The ceramic comes in multiple varieties of shades and hues, making it possible to select the best one to match your smile. Dr. Huynh will use a special shade guide to measure the exact color of your enamel so that we can match it against CEREC ceramics. Once the block is selected, it’s placed into the milling machine, which then reads your virtual data and begins to shape the ceramic appropriately.


Your final CEREC crown will be a solid piece of porcelain throughout the entire restoration. There is no visible metal and the integrity of the materials is extremely high quality. Since CAD/CAM precision is some of the most precise in the market, we’re able to immediately fit your crown and cement it into place. You won’t have to come back for any follow-up visits!

How CEREC Helps Save Smiles

A lot of people need crowns because of compromised, broken, or severely decayed teeth. But they may have to put their treatment off simply because of the time requirements involved. If you’re not able to get off for two appointments, two weeks apart, it can be difficult to get the treatment you need. In turn, your weak tooth might break apart even further and then require a root canal or extraction.

We also use dental crowns on top of individual dental implants, when you need to replace a single missing tooth.

Since CEREC crowns expedite the treatment process, you’re able to only take off one day of work and complete the entire procedure in one sitting. That means less time off of work or having to get a babysitter.

One of the other big advantages of same day dentistry in Mesa is that you can pair it with our dental sedation options. If you prefer to “tune things out” for improved comfort or underlying anxiety, your CEREC crown can be scheduled as an in-house sedation treatment. Depending on the level of sedation that you choose, you’ll either feel a little daydreamy or might not remember much of the visit at all. And since only one appointment is involved, you won’t have to get numbed up more than once.

Caring for a CEREC Crown 

Daily crown maintenance and home care will help to extend the life of your same day crown. We highly recommend flossing around your crown each day, to prevent any plaque buildup from accumulating around the edges. It’s also important to floss those areas thoroughly at least twice a day. The only time we might tell you to avoid flossing is for the first day or so, as the cement fully cures.

If you’re someone who is prone to clenching and grinding your teeth, we recommend wearing a nightguard or bite splint. Although ceramic crowns are quite durable, they like your teeth, are not invincible. A little added protection against excessive wear will help prevent any unwanted fractures or chipping while you sleep. 

Save Time! Call Our Mesa Dentist

Eastport Dental is proud to offer same day dental crowns in Mesa. When you’re short on time, have a hectic schedule, and need to streamline your treatment, we’ve got your back. Enjoy quality and efficiency all rolled into one. Call our office today to learn more about the CEREC experience.

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