Four Advantages Of Getting A Same Day Crown

Dental crowns are important restorations that act as protective covers for your teeth. Some people call them “caps”, because of how the crown fits over the entire tooth, creating an extra layer on top and around the visible surfaces.

Crowns are recommended for situations like:

  • Severely broken-down or worn teeth
  • Restoring large areas of tooth decay
  • Replacing old, leaky, large fillings
  • Single tooth replacement with a dental implant

Traditionally, dental crowns have always been made in an off-site lab, requiring a longer, multi-visit experience for patients. But at Eastport Dental we feature state-of-the-art technology that allows us to fit, design, and place your new dental crown in just one day!

If you’re weighing Traditional vs. Same-Day Crowns, here are four perks of what to consider when it comes to what single-visit crowns have to offer:

One Appointment Instead of Two

The biggest perk of getting a same-day dental crown in Mesa is that we’re able to dramatically shorten the treatment time. Instead of having you come in for a prep visit, impression, and wear a temporary crown for two weeks until the permanent one is ready, everything is completed on the same day.

With a same-day appointment, you save time, eliminate the need for an uncomfortable/bulky temporary, and only need to visit our Mesa dentist one time! 

A Solid, Matching Ceramic Restoration 

Same-day dental crowns are carved out of a solid block of ceramic porcelain. Dr. Vinh Huynh, DMD will specify the exact shade of material so that it blends in with your surrounding teeth. That way the final crown looks attractive and natural.

With some types of ceramic crowns, the outer layer of porcelain is bonded onto a metal base. This design can create what looks like a grey line just next to your gums. Although not very wide, this grey margin can detract from the overall appearance of both the specific tooth as well as your entire smile. And if the porcelain ever chips off, it leaves exposed grey metal that can’t be patched over.

Full ceramic crowns eliminate the risk of a dreaded grey line along your gums, as there’s no visible metal. You’ll enjoy optimal aesthetic results for almost any tooth in your smile!


No Gooey Dental Impressions

A lot of people have sensitive gag reflexes. So, when it comes to taking a standard impression of your mouth, it can be quite an unpleasant experience. Especially for people who feel so nauseous that they can barely get through it. Full-mouth impressions that cover the entire palate may be almost impossible to get an accurate recording if someone feels that dreaded “tickle” in their throat.

Fortunately, there’s great news. Same-day dental crowns use a digital scanner to record a “virtual” impression. The scanning wand is about 3-4 times wider than your average handheld pen. As we position the wand over and around each tooth, it measures the surface levels and inputs it directly into the software. On the screen, you’ll see what looks like a picture of a typical dental mold. It’s a digital impression without needing the gooey molds or messy lab materials.

Extreme Accuracy

Since a same-day crown is made using digital imaging software, there’s no risk of the “human error” that you might potentially see with a handmade crown. The digital scan records your tooth shape at the finest level of detail, allowing for a permanent virtual “mold” of your tooth in the computer software.

From there, the in-house milling machine translates the same level of accuracy from the digital mold as it carves the new crown. You don’t have to worry about changes in materials, molds becoming warped, or an accidental mistake somewhere in transportation between our office and a lab. It’s made right in front of you, almost immediately. But the level of detail is impeccable. So much so, that you can practically guarantee that a same-day crown is proven to fit on the first try.


Due to the high level of accuracy, your same-day Mesa dental crown can be fitted right away. You’ll be able to go home with an excellent-fitting restoration knowing it’s the best we can provide. 

Single Visit Crowns in Mesa

At Eastport Dental we offer high-quality same-day crowns right here in Mesa. So, if you’re stalling because of the extra time you’ll have to take off from work for a typical crown, we can get you in and out in just one appointment! There’s less down time and more you time.

Call our Mesa dentist today to find out if you qualify for this state-of-the-art restorative procedure.

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