Full Mouth Restoration – What You Need to Know

Does your smile need a complete overhaul? Are you struggling with multiple worn, broken, or missing teeth? Then a full mouth restoration in Mesa is probably your best option.

What is Full Mouth Restoration/Reconstruction?

“Full mouth restoration”, “full mouth reconstruction”, or “FMR” is a process where we approach the health and performance of your smile overall, rather than tooth by tooth. It’s essential for people who have multiple dental needs or when repairing a few teeth will only have a limited impact on their overall oral health. Maybe you’re not able to chew, speak, or smile the way you need to. With FMR, we can rehabilitate your overall mouth in a pre-planned series of therapies that each play a part in your oral performance.

Planning Your Smile Makeover

The first step in your rehabilitation will be identifying which treatments will be necessary. At this point, you’ll be able to play a part in co-planning and ranking your preferred treatment options as they relate to your budget, cosmetic goals, and desired timeline.

Following your exam and consultation, our treatment coordinators will create a printed treatment plan. This care plan outlines each individual therapy, in what order they’re completed, costs involved, and your estimated insurance coverage (if applicable.) It will also be a time to review financing options and payment plans, since most of today’s dental insurance plans still have the same coverage amounts as they did 30 years ago!

Will I Need Dental Implants?

Dental implants may be the preferred first line of treatment for those areas with missing teeth. Or if you’re getting All-on-4 implant treatment. Implants tend to be the gold standard for full mouth reconstruction when tooth loss is a concern, or there are planned extractions that need to take place. Since implant therapy typically spans 3-6 months of time from start to finish, placing your implants may be one of the first phases of your full mouth restoration process.


Fixed Restoration Options 

Depending on the integrity of your remaining teeth, you may need to choose from a variety of traditional restorations, such as:

  • White composite dental fillings
  • Fixed porcelain crowns
  • Ceramic dental bridges

Each of these restorative treatments play a different role — such as repairing decay or replacing missing teeth — but they’re each just as important as the other. When we plan them together as part of your mull mouth reconstruction, it allows for better consistency between the shape and color of each tooth being treated.

Planning the Aesthetics of Your New Smile

Although full mouth restoration is essentially meant to improve the performance of your smile — so that you can eat and speak normally — it can also enhance the way it looks! As we plan out each of your respective procedures, we can have the lab create them for optimal aesthetic appearance. From the shape of each new tooth to the exact shade of the porcelain being used, your smile makeover won’t just restore your smile, it can also enhance your self-confidence.

Overall Function and Performance

One of the most crucial aspects of any full mouth reconstruction treatment is ensuring each tooth works seamlessly with your overall smile. If one tooth is repaired one way and another is restored later in a different way, it’s difficult to get them to match up just perfectly. Instead, the best way to ensure optimal results is to consider each tooth together as you plan out your case.

Full mouth restoration is just that. Your entire overall bite and oral anatomy are consistently considered as each specific treatment phase is mapped out. That way one tooth won’t detract from the way the teeth on the other side of your mouth bite together. Not only does full-mouth restoration ensure optimal performance of your teeth, but it also relates to functional patterns in your TMJ and facial profile. No detail is overlooked.

You might think that FMR is more for aesthetics because or missing or broken teeth. While it does help to fix those problems, it’s more about the approach in your care. When your mouth is treated as a whole, single unit, you know that you’ll be able to experience the best long-term results from your treatment.

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