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Dental phobia is a very real thing, and it’s a fear shared by Americans nationwide. There’s just no doubt about it – we feel vulnerable when it comes to our mouth and teeth.

sedation-dentistry-mesa-azDental phobia is a very real thing, and it’s a fear shared by Americans nationwide. There’s just no doubt about it – we feel vulnerable when it comes to our mouth and teeth.

Dental anxiety is a natural fear that many, many people share, and it can lead individuals to avoid going to the dentist altogether.

Dental anxiety is often marked by bouts of fear and anxiety, and those feelings can lead to other issues, as well. Patients have described resulting feelings of helplessness, shame, embarrassment, and extreme vulnerability, ultimately choosing to skip the dentist in favor of their mental and psychological health.

Missing regular dental visits can have serious consequences though, and it’s simply not worth the risk of the damage and decay that poor oral hygiene can create. Poor oral health has been linked to potentially fatal conditions such as heart and lung disease when left undiagnosed and untreated.

But what is one to do with the mere thought of the dentist is enough to incite Intense feelings of panic, fear, and anxiety?

From a simple teeth cleaning to more intensive procedures like root canals, sedation dentistry could be the exact relief you have been looking for.

Eliminate the anxiety of a dental visit with the right anesthesia for you.

There are varying levels of anesthesia to reduce sensitivity and eliminate feelings of fear and anxiety:

  • Minimal – the patient is awake and aware, but all signs of anxiety and fear are temporarily quelled.
  • Moderate – also called “conscious sedation,” this is also known as a local anesthesia which leaves you awake and relaxed but largely unaware and numb.
  • Deep sedation – you are near unconscious but can still be easily awakened.
  • General anesthesia – you are unconscious during the entire procedure.

Halcion is similar to Valium, and in pill form, it serves as a popular oral sedative which will bring on feelings of sleepiness without eliminating the patient’s consciousness. An IV will deliver sedatives far more quickly and allow for an easier customization of drug levels, from minimal sedation to general anesthesia.


Most commonly used, however, is nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, a popular sedation technique for most dental procedures.

Nitrous oxide is also a popular tool for pediatric dentistry, helping to relax children and keep them still so the doctor can work. It’s proven to be a safe sedative for both children and adults alike, and it requires just a simple, quick process to administer.

No matter the type of anesthesia you receive, numbing agents will likely still be used if there are more in-depth procedures that are needed during your visit.

Your vitals will be carefully monitored by our experienced team of dental professionals, and oxygen or medication will be available to hasten the return of consciousness if needed at any time.

There are a number of patients around the world who choose to benefit from sedation dentistry, no matter the reason why.

Each patient is different, with his or her own phobias or fears, but most commonly, people benefit from sedation dentistry when they have one or more of the following issues before and/or during dental appointments:

  • Unable to withstand low to moderate levels of pain.
  • Phobia of needles.
  • Great sensitivity in the teeth, gums, or jaw.
  • Extreme feelings of fear, panic, and restlessness while within the dental chair.
  • Sensitive gag reflex.
  • Previous traumatic memories of the dentist.

Often, the more severe the problem, the greater a patient’s anxiety given the extreme levels of pain and damage present.

Anesthesia is a relatively safe procedure when administered by an experienced and licensed medical professional.

Before any work is begun, Dr. Huynh and his team will carefully review your past and current medical history in order to evaluate your candidacy for this particular procedure. Sedation can react negatively when mixed with certain drugs and prescriptions, so it is important to obtain a full and accurate portrait of your current medical state.

At Eastport Dental, we only use FDA-approved sedatives that have been proven safe and successful in past clinical trials.

Eastport Dental is Mesa, Arizona’s preferred choice for sedation dentistry, with Dr. Huynh’s decades of expert experience and a safe, gentle environment for all of your dental needs.

Unfortunately, sedation dentistry is largely considered a “luxury” procedure, similar to cosmetic services, and it is rarely covered by general dental insurance policies.

Our insurance and billing professionals will use their years of experience to your benefit, working with you to formulate a plan that is both affordable and reasonable for your dental needs.

We’re patients too, so we understand the need for gentle, friendly care when you need it most.

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