Smile Makeover Mesa AZ

How to Afford a Smile Makeover in Mesa, AZ

The start of a new year typically includes setting new goals, new priorities, and new mindsets. Why not make a smile makeover a priority this year? Eastport Dental is the leading cosmetic, general, and implant dentist of Mesa, AZ. From the smallest case of teeth whitening to a complete smile rehabilitation, Dr. Huynh will ensure results you will love. By scheduling your consultation today, we can customize a treatment plan unique to you that will also fit your budget. As we adjust our recommendations to fit your specific goals, we can ensure your journey to a better smile is everything you dreamed it would be.

Create a Budget

One of the first things to consider when planning a smile makeover is your budget. You would not start remodeling your home without first discussing finances, and your smile should be no different.  By setting an ideal goal to the amount of money you are willing to spend, Dr. Huynh and his staff can customize and prioritize your treatment to keep fees at or under or at that ideal amount.

Pinpoint Your Specific Goals

What specific things about your smile would you like to change? Do you have two teeth that are just slightly misaligned, causing you to hide your smile? Or maybe your concerns are more widespread throughout the mouth, such as multiple worn or broken teeth. By understanding specific goals, Dr. Huynh or Eastport Dental can use a customized approach to meet those needs. Your teeth are unique to you, so your smile makeover will be unique as well.

Set a Timeline Goal

Because certain cosmetic and restorative dental treatments require multiple appointments spanning over a long period of time, discussing a timeline goal is very important.  Do you have a certain goal date or event, such as a wedding or graduation? Knowing how flexible your timeline goal is may determine which treatment options are best suited for you.

Smile Makeover Mesa AZ

Eastport Dental Provides Customized Treatment Plans

By taking your budget, goals, and timeline into consideration, Dr. Huynh of Mesa, AZ will discuss different treatment options, determine which procedures are of the highest priority and which procedures can be combined to give you the desired results while still staying within your budget.

Not All Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments are Expensive

Not all smile makeovers require a mouthful of crowns or veneers. Many cosmetic dental treatments are fairly inexpensive yet can make a big impact on your smile’s appearance. These less invasive, less costly procedures include examples like teeth whitening, tooth re-contouring, and dental bonding. By choosing one or combining these treatments, you can drastically change the appearance of your smile.

Utilizing Your Dental Insurance Benefits

When considering your smile makeover, it is important to maximize your dental benefits. Our trained staff is happy to help you learn how much of your insurance benefits are available for your treatment plan.

Most dental insurance benefits begin on the first of each year. Typically, these benefits are broken down into three categories: preventative, basic, and major. It is important to understand how your dental insurance covers each of these categories.

Preventative dentistry includes cleanings, radiographs, and exams and is typically covered at 100%. Basic and major procedures, in most cases, are covered at a lower percentage and may require a deductible payment. Dental fillings fall under the basic category, while crowns, root canals, and bridges are considered major. While some cosmetic dentistry procedures such as veneers, are not always covered by dental insurance, combining these procedures with those that are covered will be beneficial to your overall budget. 

HSA and FSC Accounts

With each new year, along with new dental insurance benefits, you may also utilize a Health Savings Account or Flex Spending Card. Because dental procedures also qualify as medical expenses, your HSA or FSC can be used towards your smile makeover. By planning ahead with what non-taxed funds are set aside from your income, your smile makeover goal is even easier to achieve.

Eastport Dental In-Office Financing Options

Eastport Dental proudly offers our patients in-office financing. Depending on your monthly budget, our in-office financing offers low-interest rates that typically range from 6-18 months. With same-day financing approval, Eastport Dental can schedule your treatment as soon as you are ready to get started. If you are interested in our in-office financing, let our friendly office staff know!

Invest in Yourself and Schedule Your Consultation Today!

Giving yourself the gift of a new smile can significantly change the quality of your life. Whether your new smile is as simple as whitening or a mouthful of veneers, Dr. Huynh of Mesa, AZ will provide the highest quality dental care with your unique needs and budget in mind. While you cannot put a price on the feeling a new smile gives, with Eastport Dental, you can afford your new smile makeover!

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