How to Care For Your Snap On Denture

Getting a snap on denture in Mesa, AZ is a great solution for people that have a shallow bone ridge that prevents them from wearing a typical “plate.”

A snap on denture is a prosthetic appliance that’s held in place by clipping onto a few dental implants. Typically, there are about two to four implants set in your jaw. An attachment known as a locator abutment extends from the implants, providing a base for your denture to adhere to. In turn, the inside of the denture has firm rubber washers that lock onto the abutments when pushed into place.

Dental implants and snap on dentures are a great investment. To ensure that you get the most out of your new smile, there are some important tips on how to take care of them.

Inserting Your Snap On Denture

Taking care to properly insert your prosthesis will prevent it from wearing out, becoming warped, or breaking.

When inserting your denture, place it in your mouth and wiggle it back and forth until you can feel that the o-rings (rubber washers) are aligned with your implants.  Then use your fingers to push the appliance in place all along the arch.  Most of the time you’ll hear a snap when the two parts have engaged properly. After this, tug on your denture a bit to ensure that it feels secure. Then close your teeth together and make sure your bite fits normal. If anything feels off, then your denture isn’t fully seated.

Never pop your denture in your mouth and bite down to try to find the right position for it.  This can warp the rubber washers and may destroy some of the other components.  The prosthetic appliance itself is made from acrylic, so it is possible for it to break if you’re too forceful with it. Always be patient and be careful when inserting your denture.


Correctly seating your denture in your mouth will take some practice.  If this process is new to you, try not to get frustrated as you learn to maneuver your new appliance. After a while, you’ll be a “professional snap on denture inserter.”

How To Clean Your Snap On Denture

Cleaning your appliance is another very important aspect that will help it last as long as it’s intended to.

To clean your denture, follow these steps:

  1. Before going to bed remove your dentures and brush them with a denture brush, non-scented anti-bacterial soap, and water. Gently scrub the o-rings as well.  Be sure to remove any food particles and debris that surround this area. Anything that’s left behind will prevent you from being able to snap your denture into place correctly.
  2. When your appliance is clean you can place it in a denture box filled with water.  Let it sit there overnight.

Once or twice a week you can place a “gentle formula” denture-cleaning tablet in the box.  This will remove any bacteria that you may have missed when scrubbing your appliance. You’ll want to avoid doing this too often because the ingredients found in some denture-cleaning tablets may compromise the longevity of the o-rings.

  1. Now that your denture has been tucked away for the night, it’s time to clean your mouth. Using a soft toothbrush and toothpaste, brush the gum tissue throughout your mouth, the locator abutments, the roof of your mouth, and your tongue.
  2. Using a water flosser is a great additional step to take. This device will shoot a high-powered stream of water around your locator abutments, flushing away any debris that was left behind.  Water flossers are highly recommended by dentists because they help prolong the life of dental implants and their components.


Sleeping With Your Snap On Denture In Place

Sleeping with your snap on denture in place is not recommended for the simple reason that your gums need to breath and “air out” at some point.  Having your gum tissue constantly covered by a hard acrylic can cause it to become swollen, infected, and sore (not to mention cause bone shrinkage.)


Your snap on denture will require professional maintenance from time to time, as will your dental implants. Implants should be cleaned professionally in Mesa, AZ at least once per year. The rubber o-rings may need to be replaced every few months as well.  When you start to notice that your denture is feeling a bit loose, visit Eastport Dental to get the rings replaced. This procedure is quick and simple but makes a huge difference in the fit of your appliance.

Dr. Vinh Huynh, DMD and our friendly staff are here to help you with all your snap on denture needs. Never hesitate to give us a call if you need assistance!

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