Looking For An Emergency Dentist in Mesa, AZ?

A family dentist you know and trust is the perfect resource to have on hand if you find yourself in the middle of a dental emergency. After all, most oral injuries need to be treated within the first hour.

Here are some of the most common types of dental emergency treatments we offer in our Mesa practice:

A Broken or Chipped Tooth

Fractured teeth from an accidental fall, bump to the mouth, or biting down on something hard may not be painful, but they are an aesthetic concern!

Locate your missing tooth fragment immediately. Store it in milk or saline and bring it to our office right away. For the best treatment results, including bonding your fractured enamel back in place, you need to be seen within 1-2 hours at the most.


If the chip is very small, we will likely just buff it out. Larger pieces of tooth can be bonded back onto place in most cases. Severe breaks that extend into the nerve will likely require a root canal and crown.

If we’re not able to bond the enamel back, or you lose it, we can place a tooth colored filling called “bonding” over the area to make your tooth appear whole again.


Knocked Out (Avulsed) Teeth

The first thing you want to do if you knock out a tooth is try to find it and reinsert it into the socket it came out of. This isn’t always possible, but if it is, there’s a better chance of saving your natural smile.

Handle your tooth by the crown, not touching the root unless it is completely necessary. Do not scrub it clean, so as not to damage the tiny fibers on the root surface. If there is visible debris, you can rinse the tooth with a gentle stream of running water.

If you cannot get the tooth back into your mouth, store it in a sealed container. Completely submerge it in milk or contact solution. Water with a pinch of salt will work if nothing else is available. Bring it straight to our emergency dentist office in Mesa, AZ.

Dental Abscesses

Abscessed teeth can be completely asymptomatic…but they can also be extremely painful. A dental abscess usually looks like a small pimple along your gums next to the tooth. It may come and go, leaving a bad or metallic taste in your mouth.

While you’ll need a root canal to prevent reinfection, most of the pain is due to swelling of the nerves in and around your tooth. An antibiotic can alleviate the level of infection, allowing for pain relief and a gentler endodontic procedure.


Crown Falling Off

A crown can slip off of your tooth for a number of reasons (but flossing regularly isn’t one of them!) In most cases, it’s because the tooth underneath has a recurrent cavity, causing the seal to break and the cap to come loose. If that’s the reason, the tooth will need to be re-prepped and a new crown made.

However, it may be possible to recement your crown as long as the tooth is healthy. Bring it in at your earliest convenience (within a few days, so that you don’t break the tooth left behind.) We’ll clean your tooth and crown to determine if it can be bonded back in place.

Broken Dentures

Did you drop your denture? Don’t fall for the temptation of trying to fix it yourself. Using super glue or other DIY methods can permanently damage your acrylic plate. Bring your appliance to our office for a professional denture repair.


Protect Yourself Before an Emergency

Wearing a protective athletic mouthguard is a great way to reduce your risk of common dental injuries. A professionally fitted appliance offers better protection than one you can buy over the counter in any drugstore. Plus, our sports guards can lower your risk of a concussion!

Visit Our Emergency Dentist in Mesa, AZ

Our same day emergency treatments can help you get out of pain as quickly as possible. Call us immediately to speak with a member of our team. If it’s during business hours, we’ll prepare for your arrival as soon as you can get to our office.

If you’re calling after hours, be sure to leave a message and someone will get back with you to walk you through what to do next. If you have severe facial swelling or bleeding, head straight to the nearest emergency room.

Are you in pain? If you have a broken, abscessed, or knocked out tooth, it’s important to get to our Mesa, AZ dentist office right away.

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