Most Common Holiday Dental Emergencies

Why does it seem like dental emergencies always tend to happen when you’re out of town, on vacation, or when the dentist’s office is closed? Even though there’s no “Murphy’s Law” per se, there does tend to be an increased number of calls to our Mesa dentist’s office over the weekends, summer months, and holidays.

Part of the reason why we see increased emergencies this time of year is due to things like:

Slipping and Falling

Sure, we may not get icy surfaces all that often, but maybe you decide to take the family to the ice rink for some holiday memories. Or we get a freak freeze and you don’t realize it until your foot hits a slick spot in your driveway. Although a lot of slips and falls happen on wet surfaces — like in your bathroom — they tend to spike in the winter months. So, if you fall and hit your mouth, our Mesa dentist will be one of the first people you’ll need to call.


Toothaches | Tooth Pain

Tooth pain that’s related to active decay sometimes flares up whenever you’re eating sweets. Even if you’re not a big sugar eater, you’re probably getting more treats over the holidays than you do other times throughout the year. Whether you’re sipping on a cup of hot coco or feel a zing when you bite into that leftover Halloween candy, any tooth pain that’s triggered by sweets typically ties back to an active cavity.


Have you been putting off that dental appointment? Chances are the cavity you were diagnosed with earlier in the year gradually expanded into the surrounding structures (including the nerve of your teeth.) Even though the tooth may not have hurt a couple of months ago, the fact that the bacterial infection finally worked its way into the pulp tissues makes it impossible to ignore anymore. Abscessed teeth may throb, cause sharp pain, or create a visible pocket of drainage (“fistula”) on the gums alongside of your tooth root.

Dental Work Falling Off/Out of Teeth

This time of year, we tend to indulge in all sorts of sweets that come out around the holidays. Particularly nuts, brittle, toffee, and sticky textures like caramel. Biting into these goodies may seem innocent, until one of them is hard or sticky enough to break your tooth or pull out a filling.

Broken or Knocked-Out Teeth

Spur of the moment football game on Thanksgiving Day, anyone? You probably aren’t wearing the protective gear — or mouthguard — that your high school or varsity college athletes have on hand, even if you feel just as young and energetic as they do! An elbow to the mouth or impulsive tackle can really make holiday memories when they result in a busted lip or knocked out tooth. Fortunately, if you act quickly, you can save the tooth and potentially reattach it. The key is to store it in milk or contact solution and get it straight to the dentist’s office!

Broken Dentures and Partials

Removable dental prosthetics (like dentures and partials) aren’t immune to emergencies either. The most common types of issues we see are broken or cracked dentures from dropping them on the floor, or painful rubbing and sores underneath your “plate.” Depending on what the issue is, Eastport Dental may be able to provide same day denture repairs in Mesa or help you find an interim solution before the prosthesis can be remade or relined.

What to do if You’re in Pain

Tooth pain can be excruciating. Next to earaches or kidney stones, toothaches are one of the worst sensations some people ever experience. Knowing what to do to get out of pain can minimize your downtime and get you on your way to recovery.

Since most toothaches are caused by some type of inflammation within the nerve, it’s best to take an over-the-counter anti-inflammatory like Motrin/ibuprofen. Reducing the swelling will ease the discomfort coming from your mouth. You can also apply a cold compress to the side of your face, taking it on and off every 20 minutes as you’re comfortable.

But the most important thing to do is contact our Mesa emergency dentist as soon as possible. If it’s a typical business day, we will do our best to arrange seeing you on the same day. For after-hours emergencies, we can talk you through what to do while you’re still at home.

Looking for fast toothache relief? Call Eastport Dental in Mesa, today. Dr. Huynh and our compassionate team are committed to treating your family like our own!

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