Self-Care Limits Your Chances of Dental Problems Between Visits

Taking good care of your mind and body is more important than ever, especially as Mesa families deal with the social distancing impacts of COVID-19. Although things like stress management are on our mind, taking care of our mouth may need attention too.

Your Mouth is the Gateway to Your Body

Active infections inside of your mouth can put other parts of your body at risk for illness. For instance, gum disease significantly increases your risk of pneumonia and respiratory disease. It can also make it difficult for people with diabetes to regulate their blood glucose levels.

If you’re already struggling with high blood pressure (especially at times like this pandemic), having dental disease can strain your cardiovascular system. In fact, it can put you at a higher risk of stroke and heart attack. It’s important to care for your smile, too. Keeping your teeth and gums healthy will compliment your overall wellness.

When you look in your mouth and see swelling or bleeding, remember that the inflammation is an immune response. If your mouth isn’t healthy, your overall system is being strained.


Dental Problems are (Mostly) Preventable

Daily dental care significantly lowers your risk of developing common problems like periodontal disease and tooth decay. Both of these oral health infections are preventable. The key is to clean routinely and for long enough each time.

Angle your brush towards your gums and make small strokes that clean just one or two teeth at a time. Ideally you want to be taking about two minutes to brush your entire mouth. That’s 30 seconds per quadrant (1/4).

Then, wrap your floss around your tooth and slide it up and down under the gums several times. Lift the floss up and over your gum tissue before moving to the next tooth. Cleaning these hard-to-reach areas will disrupt the bacteria responsible for periodontitis and cavities.

Consider supplementing with a fluoride rinse each day. If you have a history of tooth decay or sensitive teeth, Dr. Huynh can prescribe a stronger gel to use at night. Fluoride remineralizes weak enamel areas and helps reverse the earliest stages of tooth decay.

Reduce Your Risk of Dental Emergencies

Preventing cavities from spreading, treating issues earlier, and taking care of your mouth, you can significantly lower your chances of experiencing a dental emergency.

If you’re using this time of social distancing to exercise more or get outdoors – like to ride bikes – make sure you’re wearing some type of a protective mouthguard. Athletic injuries are some of the most common reasons for emergency room trips, broken teeth, and concussions. With a mouthguard you can protect yourself from those unexpected bumps, falls, or hits to your face.

A professionally-fitted mouthguard offers the best level of protection. Although over the counter stock guards are easy to get a hold of, their looser fit won’t protect you when you need it. And chances are, the bulky fit will have you taking it out anyway. Custom guards fit comfortably and securely, so that you can focus on what you’re doing and stay hydrated without them ever getting in the way.

Help Your Teeth Look Their Best

Healthier teeth are brighter, whiter, and look younger. So, taking good care of your gums and reducing your amount of tooth stain can keep your smile healthier (and enhance your confidence). Make sure you’re cleaning your teeth properly with daily brushing and flossing.

And if you have any of our take-home whitening gel on hand, now is a great time to touch up! After a full whitening treatment, a refresher only takes a few sessions a couple of times a year. So, plan to wear your trays for about an hour a day, for 3-5 days or as needed. That way you’ll come out of social distancing with an accessory that you can’t wait to show off!

When You Need Treatment

Eastport Dental in Mesa offers family-friendly dental care for all ages. Dr. Huynh provides customized oral health care plans to fit your lifestyle and timeline. If your teeth need a little attention after having to social distance for a few months, we’re here to help. Our office is carefully observing all OSHA, CDC, ADA, NIH, and state recommendations when it comes to this heightened era of infection control and cross-contamination prevention.

We’re committed to keeping you healthy. If you need a dentist in Mesa, please give us a call today!

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