Single Visit CEREC Dental Crowns in Mesa, AZ

There are many reasons why you may be considering a single-visit dental crown in Mesa, AZ. Crowns are often placed to restore a tooth after a root canal has been performed, restore an implant, or to repair a broken or decayed tooth. But dental crowns are not limited to only these dental procedures.

Dental crowns are also used in several cosmetic procedures to correct the size, shape and color of teeth as well as close spaces where food gets trapped. A complete smile makeover is often performed with the use of dental crowns.

Dr. Vinh Huynh, DMD and the professionals of Eastport Dental prides themselves on offering the highest quality dental work in Mesa, AZ. Advances in dental technology now enables you to receive your permanent ceramic crown in just one day, instead of two visits!

How Do Traditional Crowns Work (Two Visits)

Previous to same-day digital advances, a crown procedure took two separate appointments. This can often be difficult for busy professionals and parents with hectic schedules. During your first visit, your tooth is prepped, impressions are taken, and a temporary crown is placed. This temporary crown is worn for about two weeks while your permanent crown is made by an off-site dental lab. During these two weeks, certain foods need to be avoided and special care is taken to prevent your temporary from breaking or coming off completely. Once the crown came back from the lab, you would return to have it bonded to your tooth.


Single Visit Dental Crowns (Same Day Treatment)

Eastport Dental offers an alternative option to this lengthy process that is much more convenient. Technology now allows custom-made ceramic crowns to be created in-office in just one appointment! The entire visit takes about two hours from start to finish, so you can relax, read a book, or catch up on other treatments if needed.

During a same-day crown treatment, your tooth is first prepped, then digital impressions are taken. Your custom-made crown is then milled right then in our office, so there’s no need for a temporary crown, multiple visits, or being numb more than once. You will leave our Mesa dentist’s office with a new permanent crown.

Two hours vs. Two Weeks

Your schedule is busy! Business professionals, parents and young adults live a very active lifestyle, which often leaves little time for multiple dental appointments. With single visit dental crowns, the entire process only takes about two hours. You could be enjoying your favorite foods again that night. With traditional crowns, wearing a temporary crown is necessary for at least two weeks to allow the lab to make your permanent restoration.

Newest Technology in Dental Impressions

With single-visit dental crowns, new digital impressions are taken of the tooth instead of using messy putty. These impressions are not only more comfortable but much more accurate, which ensures your crown will fit perfectly.

Because your impression is digital, the design of your crown is created with cutting-edge software to provide precise detail in the shape, size, and color of your permanent crown.

Numbing Medication is Only Needed Once

Since there is only one appointment needed for single visit dental crowns, you will only need the tooth to be numb one time. For patients with dental anxiety or fear of needles, this is a great reason to consider a single-visit crown. Traditional crowns require at least two appointments, more if complications arise with your temporary crown. In most cases, dental anesthesia is needed for each of these appointments.

Same Durable, Long Lasting Materials

Both single visit and traditional crowns are made from the highest quality materials. Both can withstand hard biting forces and are fairly resistant to wear and stains. Taking care of your permanent crown is the same whether it is a single visit or traditional.

Although a crown does provide a full coverage restoration, a crown does not prevent a tooth from future decay. Good home care is required to prevent any buildup around the margins of your new crown. Daily brushing and flossing along with routine preventative care appointments are recommended to ensure your crown lasts as long as possible.

Ability to Combine Dental Appointments Easily

With single visit dental crowns, you can get back to your commitments sooner and take less time off from work. A single visit crown appointment can be combined with other dental procedures to eliminate even more appointments. You can relax in one of our comfortable dental chairs while your digital crown is being produced and take advantage of having other treatment completed.

Single Visit Crown Treatments (Mesa, AZ)

If you need a crown in Mesa, AZ consider contacting Dr. Vinh Huynh, DMD of Eastport Dental today. The technology of single-visit dental crowns provides you with a more comfortable, more convenient, and a faster experience, all while giving you the highest quality dentistry available.

Schedule your consultation to learn more and see if a single visit dental crown is right for you!

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