Six Big Benefits of Modern Dental Implants

Today’s dental implant designs are considered the “gold standard” in dentistry when it comes to replacing missing teeth. More people than ever are choosing implants over conventional full and partial dentures. Here are six reasons why:

Dental Implants are “Stronger” Than Natural Teeth

Implants are virtually indestructible when you compare them to natural teeth. They’re crafted out of a highly durable metal known as titanium (which is what you see in a lot of medical joint replacement devices.) Their strength means that they can literally support more weight than a natural tooth is capable of. That being said, you don’t want to use them as tools to be opening anything that you wouldn’t with your other teeth!

Implants Can be Used in Pairs or Sets

Due to the integrity of implants, you don’t need a one-to-one relationship for each tooth that’s missing. If there are a few teeth in a row that need to be replaced, we can use a pair of dental implants to support a multi-tooth dental bridge.

And in instances where a full arch of teeth is missing (as in all of the upper or lower teeth), we may be able to restore them at one time using as few as four implants total, aka “All-on-4” treatment.

An Implant Investment is Meant to Last for Life

Same Day Dental implants have the highest success rating of any modern-day restoration (close to 98%). When you care for them as directed, you will typically expect your implants to last for the rest of your life. The lengthy lifetime of implants makes them one of the best returns on investment when it comes to replacing missing teeth. Especially when other conventional treatments typically have to be updated every 10-15 years or so.

Even if the restoration on top of your implant wears out, breaks, or needs to be updated, the implant underneath should remain intact for decades to come.

Getting Implants is More Comfortable Than You Think

One of the biggest misconceptions people have about getting implants is that it’s a painful process. That’s actually not the case! Even though getting implants decades ago was quite an extensive process, today’s treatments are streamlined and minimally invasive.

In fact, most implants can be installed with just a little local anesthetic to numb the immediate area. Most of our patients say that getting dental implants is easier and more comfortable than having a tooth taken out. Once the numbing medication starts to wear off, you may feel a little gum irritation but that’s about it. You won’t need anything more than an over-the-counter pain reliever when you go home. 

Today’s Implants are Biocompatible

The titanium materials we mentioned above are what we consider to be “biocompatible.” That is, they’re non-allergenic and readily accepted by your body. In fact, they trigger a crucial process in implant therapy that we call “osseointegration.” It’s this bony integration that makes implants a permanent part of your new smile.

When osseointegration takes place, new bone starts to form directly onto the surface of the dental implant. This “integration” fuses the implant as new bone connects between your jaw and the implant itself. Once full integration takes place, the implant will be stable enough to support a fixed prosthesis. 

Implant Designs Support Your Facial Profile

Any time you lose a tooth, it creates a void in that part of your smile. Consequently, the bone around the root area will also start to shrink away. In either scenario, the soft tissues of your lips and cheeks will star to “sink in”. In time, the sunken facial features can create the illusion of your face looking older than it really is, leading to unwanted premature aging.

But here’s the great news: dental implants restore the lost tooth and halt the bone resorption process. That way your lips and cheeks over the area are supported instead of prone to sinking in. Although it’s a stretch to say that dental implants will make you look younger, there’s something to be said for having a “real” looking smile and facial profile support all over again!

Dental Implants in Mesa

Eastport Dental offers comprehensive dental implant therapy in Mesa. Dr. Huynh has extensive training and experience in placing implants and implant restorations, allowing you to enjoy the best results possible.

Do you have missing teeth? Request a consultation with us to find out if you qualify for implant therapy. We have a variety of tooth replacement options to choose from. Call us today!

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