The Benefits of Dental Crowns for Children

As a parent, you want the best for your child, including their dental health. Unfortunately, sometimes children experience dental issues like tooth decay or damage that can affect their oral health, speech, and self-confidence. That’s where dental crowns can help. Dental crowns, also known as caps, are tooth-shaped coverings that are placed over a damaged or decayed tooth.

However, a lot of parents wonder why their child may need a dental crown, especially since their baby teeth will “eventually fall out anyway.” If you’ve been wondering how dental crowns might help your child’s smile, consider scheduling a consultation with Dr. Huynh at Eastport Dental in Mesa, AZ. We want parents to be educated and empowered to make smart decisions about their child’s oral health and developing smile. Here’s what you should know:

What are Dental Crowns?

A dental crown is a cap that covers a tooth to restore its function, shape, and appearance. They are typically made from materials like porcelain, ceramic, or metal and can be customized to match the color and shape of your child’s natural teeth. Dental crowns can be used for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Restoring a damaged or decayed tooth
  • Preventing premature tooth loss
  • Strengthening a weak tooth
  • Covering a misshapen or discolored tooth
  • Allowing the tooth to continue functioning normally
  • Preserving space between developing teeth

Improved Dental Function and Oral Development

If your child has a damaged or decayed tooth, it can affect their ability to eat and speak properly. A dental crown can help restore the function of the tooth, allowing your child to chew and speak with ease. This is particularly important for children who are still developing their speech and eating habits.

Since their other teeth are still developing, pulling or losing a baby tooth because of damage can set of a severe trend of chain reactions. Especially changes in bite alignment and jaw development. Preserving the baby tooth helps avoid unnecessary orthodontic complications later on down the road.

Protection from Further Damage

A dental crown can also provide protection for a damaged or decayed tooth, preventing further damage from occurring. This is particularly important for children who may be more prone to dental trauma due to their active lifestyle. For example, if your child plays sports or engages in other physical activities, a dental crown can help protect their teeth from accidentally breaking or abscessing.

Additionally, dental crowns can also provide protection for teeth that have undergone a root canal procedure or “pulp therapy”. After a root canal or pulpotomy, a tooth usually become weaker and more prone to wear. A dental crown can help reinforce the tooth and prevent it from fracturing or breaking.

Enhanced Appearance

Dental crowns can also improve the appearance of a damaged or decayed tooth. The crown is custom-made to match the color and shape of your child’s natural teeth, ensuring a seamless and natural-looking result. This can be particularly important for children who may be self-conscious about their appearance due to a damaged or decayed smile. That way they’ll feel confident about smiling or having their photo taken.


The Dental Crown Procedure

If your child could benefit from a dental crown, Dr. Huynh at Eastport Dental in Mesa, AZ can help. For a pediatric dental crown, the procedure typically involves one appointment. During the visit, Dr. Huynh will prepare the damaged or decayed tooth by removing any decay and shaping the tooth to ensure a proper fit for the crown. Next, a pediatric dental crown will be placed over the tooth and adjusted for the right fit.

Keep in mind that as your child grows up, baby teeth will eventually fall out. If we need to place a temporary dental crown on a developing adult tooth, the cap will likely need to be updated once their smile is completely finished growing.

Dental Crown Aftercare

After getting a dental crown, it’s important to take proper care of your child’s teeth to ensure the crown lasts as long as possible. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Encourage good oral hygiene habits, including brushing twice a day and flossing daily. Yes, it’s important to floss around the crown!
  • Avoid sticky or hard foods that could damage the crown or pull it off of the tooth.
  • Schedule regular dental check-ups with Dr. Huynh to monitor the health of your child’s teeth and ensure the crown is still in good condition.
  • If your child experiences any discomfort or pain with the crown, contact Dr. Huynh right away to schedule an appointment.

Schedule Your Child’s Consultation

If you think your child could benefit from a dental crown, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Huynh at Eastport Dental in Mesa, AZ. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have about this routine pediatric dental treatment.

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