Types of Partial Dentures in Mesa, AZ

If you’re missing teeth and you need to replace them on a tight budget, getting a partial denture from our Mesa dentist is a great solution. There are different types of partial dentures to choose from including the following:

Flipper Partials

A flipper is a small partial that usually replaces one or two teeth and is used as a temporary solution.  For instance, in the case of getting a dental implant, you may want to wear a flipper until you get your final implant restoration (crown or bridge) installed.

flipper-partial-denture-mesa-azFlippers are made from a special dental acrylic that matches the shade of your gum tissue.  Attached to the acrylic are prosthetic teeth to fill in the space.

The acrylic of the flippers is shaped in such a way that it fits snug against the back of your teeth.  This feature, and the suction that it creates, are what hold the flipper in place.  Some people have issues wearing flippers and find that using a bit of denture adhesive is all they need to keep it secure throughout the day

Since flipper partials are only intended to be temporary, they’re made from more inexpensive and less durable materials than other types of partials.  As such, caution should be taken to ensure that the appliance doesn’t break. More than likely, you’ll only need to wear it for 3-6 months

Acrylic Partials

An acrylic partial is an economical way to replace several teeth with one appliance. These devices can be used as a temporary tooth replacement solution, but most people are able to wear them on a long term basis.

Acrylic partials also stay in place by holding snuggly to your remaining teeth and gums.  Typically, this type of appliance fits a bit better than a flipper because it is larger and there’s a wider surface area involved.

If wearing an acrylic partial is challenging, we can add some clasps (metal hooks) which wrap around your healthy teeth to help the appliance stay in place better. Depending on where the hooks are, they may be visible when you speak or smile. If this is a concern, be sure to let our Mesa dentist know during your initial exam and consultation.

Flexible Partial Dentures

Flexible partials are great for individuals who struggle with wearing a harder acrylic appliance. In addition to being more comfortable, flexible partials are less likely to break if dropped. The clasps are pink acrylic, so the overall design blends in better with your smile.


Some of the disadvantages of a flexible partial are that the material which it’s made from is more likely to collect bacteria that can harm your teeth.  So when you’re removing your partial, make sure that you’re cleaning both it and your teeth properly at the end of every day.

Metal Cast Framework Partial

If you have several missing teeth in a single arch, then we may recommend that you get a metal cast framework partial. Because it has a metal base, a cast partial is very sturdy and long-lasting, meaning it’ll be the best to withstand the biting force that’s applied to it.

Metal framework partials do have clasps that wrap around your remaining teeth to help hold it in place.  As with the acrylic partial, the hooks may show so discuss this feature with our dentist.  We may be able to design the appliance so that they clasp at right at the gums and won’t be as visible when you speak and smile.

The metal, acrylic, and teeth that are attached to the partial are of premium quality to give you the most natural look and durable feel. This makes cast partials a bit more expensive than others.  However, when compared to other tooth replacement options, this device is still one of the most affordable treatments in Houston.


Another great thing about cast partials is that if at any point in the future you have to get another tooth pulled, it’s usually easier to add onto your existing appliance. That way you won’t have to replace the entire partial.

Depending on how many teeth you’re replacing, metal partials can be bulky and difficult for some people to wear.  While most individuals get used to them with practice, some people are better off looking into permanent tooth replacement with implants.

Another disadvantage of a cast partial is that they take several appointments and weeks to complete. If you’re in a hurry, this might not be the best option.

Partials in Mesa, Arizona

If you’re missing one or more natural teeth and want to see if a partial is the right solution for you, then it’s time to visit Eastport Dental in Mesa for a consultation.  We’re happy to sit with you and discuss all of your options. Call us today for the best dentistry in Mesa!

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