Types of Tooth Replacement Treatments in Mesa

Missing teeth can alter everything from your speech and diet to self-confidence and facial profile. By replacing teeth early, you can limit the impact that they have on your day-to-day activities.

Choosing the best tooth replacement treatment in Mesa may feel a little overwhelming for some people. Primarily because today there are so many options available. But rest assured, we’re here to carefully guide you through your options so that you can make an educated decision that you feel confident about!

All-on-4 DenturesThese popular streamlined treatments utilize as few as four dental implants a hybrid, fixed appliance. All-on-4 treatment is slimmer and more conservative than a full denture, as it only covers the natural arch of your bite (rather than the roof of your mouth.)


Their integrity makes the treatment one of the best solutions for restoring full oral function when you’re missing all your teeth. Since implants are quite strong, they can be strategically set into the mouth at certain points while securely anchoring your full-arch prosthesis. All-on-4 implants are permanently affixed into place. Only a dentist can remove them.

Implant Retained Dentures (Overdentures) — Implant stabilized “overdentures” look almost identical to full traditional dentures. The only difference is that these dentures have special locators built into them, making it possible for them to “snap” or “clip” onto dental implants. Depending on how much stability you need, anywhere from 2-4 implants will be recommended. Unlike All-on-4 treatment, these appliances are removable and should be taken out each night before you go to bed.

Full Traditional Dentures“Plates” or full dentures are the most traditional solution for replacing all of your teeth at one time. Upper dentures cover the roof of your mouth for added suction and stability. Lower dentures follow the curve of your smile. Most are made of acrylic, but a variety of “levels” are available to choose from (for aesthetic purposes.) Dentures ought to be removed nightly for cleaning and to avoid oral infection. You cannot get a full denture if you still have teeth, otherwise, those teeth need to be extracted beforehand.

Partial Dentures — A partial denture only replaces the teeth that are missing, rather than all of the teeth in that arch. Partials snap into place around remaining teeth for added stability without requiring additional tooth extractions. Depending on which type of partial you choose and how many teeth are missing, the design may have an acrylic base (more like a “flipper”) or a metal one (for added stability.) Like plates, partials need to be removed every evening for oral hygiene purposes and to keep your smile healthy. 

Dental Implants with a CrownWhen you’re only missing one tooth, a dental implant is usually the best treatment option. But implants only function as the “root” portion of your new tooth; you’ll need a fixed restoration to go on top of it for biting and smiling. In this case, a porcelain crown is best. Individual implants and crowns are non-invasive to your surrounding smile, making them the preferred treatment option for single missing teeth.

Dental Implant Bridge — If you have 3-4 teeth missing and prefer not to wear a partial denture, then an implant-supported bridge is an excellent alternative. In this case, you don’t need an individual implant and crown for each tooth that’s missing. Rather, our Mesa dentist can use two implants (one on either side of the open gap) to anchor a fixed dental bridge. Implant bridges can replace more teeth at a time than a traditional dental bridge since they’re supported by implants instead of natural teeth. Occasionally it may be an option to use additional implants for a longer/wider restoration when additional teeth are missing.

Traditional Dental Bridge — Dental bridges are the traditional treatment for replacing 1-2 missing teeth. They are used when you have a healthy tooth on either side of the open space, assuming they are healthy and capable of anchoring a restoration over the top of them. Essentially each of the supporting teeth is crowned, and they suspend an artificial crown between them to fill in the gap. 

Your Full Mouth Reconstruction Team

Eastport Dental provides full mouth reconstruction for our patients with worn, diseased, and missing teeth. When your smile needs a “complete overhaul”, our Mesa dentist will work with you to plan the best way to help your smile look and function its best.

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