How Much Do Dental Implants Cost in Mesa?

What Is the Cost of Getting A Dental Implant?

To explain the cost of getting a dental implant in Mesa, Arizona you need to understand everything that’s involved in the process.

There are several components that go along with an implant and additional procedures that may be required. Here is a breakdown of what you may expect, and the average cost of each. Some of these items are covered by your insurance, while others depend on your policy and cost of living in your area.

Cat-Scan: Average Cost $300

To help ensure that you’re a good candidate for a dental implant, we may need to take a special x-ray called a cat scan.  This is a 3-D image that lets us digitally dissect each section of your mouth so that we can check the quality of your bone. Since the bone is what holds the implant in place, having a good amount of dense bone is necessary for a successful implant.

Implant Surgical Guide: Average Cost $200+

A custom-made surgical guide is like a template for your implant. It allows a dentist to place your implant exactly where they wanted it to go. This takes the guesswork out of implant placement and provides for a more efficient procedure while dramatically increasing the chances of your implant’s success.

Dental Implant: Average Cost $1,800

A dental implant is an actual post that goes into the bone. It replaces the root of a tooth and isn’t visible because it’s below the gum line. An implant is made from medical-grade, sterile titanium.

Dental Crown: Average Cost $1,000

When replacing a single tooth, a crown will be attached to the top of your implant. A dental crown is an artificial tooth that looks just like your regular teeth and is very strong and durable. They’re often made by a dental laboratory technician at an off-site dental lab. Each crown is custom made and has a unique shape, size, and shade.


Abutment: Average Cost $350

An abutment is used to attach your crown to the implant.  The inside of the implant is hollow, and the abutment has threads on it that screw down into the implant. A piece of the abutment extends past the gum line and the crown slides onto that part.

Tooth Extraction: Average Cost $300

If you weren’t already missing the tooth that needs to be replaced, then our Mesa dentist can remove it for you.  Depending on the type of tooth, this may be done ahead of time, or immediately before the implant procedure.

Bone Graft: Average Cost $350

Some people won’t have the amount of jawbone necessary to sustain a dental implant. In this case, you’ll have to undergo a separate procedure called a bone graft.  During a bone graft, our dentist will place donor bone in the jaw which will incorporate with your natural bone, and help promote the growth of new bone.

If you still have the tooth that needs to be replaced and it contains more than one root (premolars, or molars) then our dentist will place bone graft material in the sockets after removing your tooth.  You’ll be given some time to heal and for the bone to sturdy up before placing the implant.

Bone grafting material may also be added around an implant during placement to help assure a secure fit.

Snap-on Denture: Average Cost $1,800

A snap-on denture is a removable plate that has clips underneath it that are used to snap on to implant attachments. Snap-on dentures need at least two implants to work with, and they are great for providing stability and retention.

All-on-Four Hybrid Denture: Average Cost: $1,800

An all-on-four denture is another device that uses implants to hold it in place.  However, this denture is not removable and is more like an extended dental bridge.  The system is used with four implants and the appliance is permanently secured in place.

Is the Cost of Getting A Dental Implant Worth It?

You may be wondering if the cost of implants is worth the benefits.  While the answer to that question is completely up to you, most people who have implants would say that having the ability to speak, eat, and look the way they do is well worth the investment. In addition to all of that, when taken care of properly, implants and their components have the possibility of lasting the rest of your life, making them in our eyes, an investment worth making!

If you’re interested in getting dental implants and would like to discuss your options, Dr. Vinh Huynh, DMD of Eastport Dental in Mesa, AZ would love to chat with you.  Call today to schedule a consultation. You’ll be glad you did!

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