Dental Bonding: Advantages and Disadvantages

There’s no doubt that getting a full set of porcelain veneers from our Mesa, Arizona dentist is the ultimate smile makeover. However, not everyone finds this investment is one that fits into their budget or timeline.  Fortunately, for those who need a quicker or cheaper alternative, dental bonding can be done to give you quicker

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Root Canal Treatment In Mesa, AZ

When the nerve inside a tooth becomes inflamed or infected (which is often caused by deep decay, or a fracture) you’ll need a root canal to remove the bad tissue and save your tooth. For some Mesa, Arizona residents, being told that they need a root canal can be a scary thing. Some folks are

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Painful Dentures – What Could Be The Cause?

Painful Dentures Having painful dentures in Mesa, AZ can be very discouraging, especially if you don’t know what’s causing your discomfort, or how to fix it. The truth is, there are several reasons why you may be hurting, and different solutions that don’t always involve forking over the cash to get a new set of

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Dental Veneer vs Crowns

Veneers vs. Crowns – What You Need To Know

Often times we see patients in our Mesa, AZ dentist practice who ask us about veneers vs. crowns. Some people are under the common misconception that these two treatments are the same thing. While both veneers and crowns are similar in their procedure, design process, and final appearance, they do have their differences and ideal

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How To Repair A Chipped Front Tooth

How To Repair A Chipped Front Tooth Typically, a chipped tooth is a result of blunt force trauma to the mouth or a result of biting into something too hard. Some of our Mesa, AZ patients who are more prone to chipping enamel are those who regularly grind or clench their teeth. When you chip

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Dry Mouth: Causes, Symptoms, Side Effects, & Treatments

Xerostomia is the condition that’s commonly referred to as dry mouth. People in Mesa, Arizona who experience xerostomia have a lack of saliva, which can be uncomfortable and lead to a host of other dental problems. What Causes Dry Mouth? Sometimes it can be hard to pinpoint what’s causing your dry mouth because there are

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How Much Do Dental Implants Cost in Mesa?

What Is the Cost of Getting A Dental Implant? To explain the cost of getting a dental implant in Mesa, Arizona you need to understand everything that’s involved in the process. There are several components that go along with an implant and additional procedures that may be required. Here is a breakdown of what you

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