Emergency Dentistry Available During COVID-19

Emergency Dentistry Available During COVID-19 During the coronavirus “shutdown”, Mesa dentists had to close their doors for any service outside of emergency dentistry or medically necessary care that might have required a trip to the hospital ER. As Eastport Dental begins to reopen for regular services, there are still a large number of dental emergencies

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Types of Partial Dentures in Mesa, AZ

If you’re missing teeth and you need to replace them on a tight budget, getting a partial denture from our Mesa dentist is a great solution. There are different types of partial dentures to choose from including the following: Flipper Partials A flipper is a small partial that usually replaces one or two teeth and

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Snap-on Denture vs. All-on-Four Denture

In order to stay in place, traditional dentures rely on a good suction provided by your gums and jaw bone ridge.  If you lack the depth that’s needed for a secure fit, you’ll experience a loose denture that can be very bothersome. Getting an implant retained denture in Mesa, Arizona is a great way for

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